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The Elusive Green Consumer: Nurturing a Sustainable Tomorrow

Green Glow

3 min read

Mar 20



In the bustling marketplace of today, where choices abound and trends evolve, the elusive green consumer stands at the crossroads of intention and action. We’ve all heard the rallying cry for sustainability, witnessed the rise of eco-friendly products, and felt the urgency to protect our planet. Yet, why does the gap persist between what we say and what we do?

The Paradox of Intentions

“I want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability.” These words echo across surveys, social media, and coffee shop conversations. But when wallets open, the story changes. Only a fraction of consumers translate their positive attitudes into eco-conscious purchases. Why?

The Psychology of Change

  1. Social Influence: We are social creatures, shaped by the currents of collective behavior. Imagine a ripple effect—your sustainable choice inspiring others. Let’s harness this power. Share your green journey, amplify the impact, and create a movement.

  2. Habits Matter: Our daily routines define us. Small habits compound over time. Swap that disposable coffee cup for a reusable one. Turn off lights when not needed. These micro-choices weave a greener tapestry.

  3. The Domino Effect: One action triggers another. When you choose organic produce, you nudge the market toward sustainable farming. When you recycle, you set off a chain reaction. Be the first domino—the catalyst for change.

Sustainable Tomorrow: Where Heart Meets Brain

Appealing to Emotions

  1. The Heart: Sustainability isn’t just about numbers; it’s about love—for our planet, our children, and generations yet unborn. Picture a pristine forest, a coral reef teeming with life, or a child planting a sapling. Let these images stir your heart.

  2. The Brain: Facts and figures matter too. Understand the environmental impact of your choices. Know that every plastic bottle you refuse saves marine life. Dive into documentaries, read articles, and empower your mind.

Sustainable Tomorrow: Experiences Over Ownership

Less Stuff, More Joy

  1. The Experience Economy: Memories outlast possessions. Instead of accumulating things, invest in experiences. Explore nature, savor sunsets, and create stories. A hike leaves no carbon footprint; a new gadget does.

  2. Shared Economy: Borrow, rent, and share. From bikes to books, collaborative consumption reduces waste. The joy of a borrowed kayak is no less than owning one.


Dear elusive green consumer, you hold the key. For a Sustainable Tomorrow, Each mindful choice, every conscious purchase, shapes our world. Let’s weave sustainability into our DNA, making it as natural as breathing. Tomorrow’s forests, oceans, and skies depend on today’s decisions.

So, as dawn breaks, pledge anew: “I am the change.” 🌎💚

Remember, the elusive becomes enduring when we act. Let’s turn intentions into revolutions—one reusable bag, one solar panel, one tree planted at a time.

Together, we’ll paint the world green.

This blog draws inspiration from the Harvard Business Review article “The Elusive Green Consumer” by Katherine White, David J. Hardisty, and Rishad Habib1. Their research illuminates the path toward sustainable living.

About the Authors:

  • Katherine White is a professor and the academic director of the Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

  • David J. Hardisty is an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

  • Rishad Habib is a PhD candidate in the Marketing and Behavioral Science Division at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

Let’s be the change we seek.

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A luminous green ring encircles Mars, as detected by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. The glow results from oxygen molecules breaking down into carbon monoxide and oxygen in Mars’s atmosphere. This unique phenomenon is the first of its kind observed around any planet other than Earth

Green Glow

3 min read

Mar 20



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